Big Bags, Bulk Bags, Industrial bags for Agriculture

Seeds and Export

The transport of seeds and grain for export would be unimaginable without industrial bags. Tremac Inc. offers a full range of polypropylene bags for these markets and consistent with your needs.

About seeds, we are able to offer the 4 loop FIBC and small polypropylene bags of 25 kg to 50 kg. In terms of export, we are able to offer you reinforced big bags and container liners. Form-stable bags are typically used for container shipping. Whatever your request, we are able to design a bag that will perfectly suit your needs.

Standard 4 Loop Big Bag

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Container Liner

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Q-Bag (Reinforced)

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Polypropylene Bag

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The FIBC for fertilizer transport is a must for farmers. The quality of industrial bags is essential to ensure that customers receive their bags in good condition. Tremac Inc. specializes in the design of big bags for this market.

We offer 2 types of big bags for this market, either 4 loops or the one-point lift bag with 1 big loop. With the expertise gained with its different clients, Tremac Inc. is able to offer different types of FIBC to meet your needs.

1 and 4 Loop Big Bag with Liner

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Potatoes and Vegetables

Some vegetables, including potatoes, fruits and nuts are frequently packaged in ventilated big bags. This type of industrial bag allows aeration of your products so they maintain their freshness.

We are always on the lookout for the needs of our customers to develop products that will optimize their packaging. We will be more than happy to be part of your solution if you have large-scale projects!

Ventilated Big Bag

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