Tremac, wrapping up your success!

Tremac Inc., a family history

Tremac Inc. was started in 1999 by Mr. Martial Maheu. A seasoned businessman, he worked in the petroleum products and minerals sector. During his years in business, Martial gained extensive experience as a public relations officer, negotiator and manager. He passed on his passion for entrepreneurship to his sons Alexandre, Francis and Sebastien.

Alexander joined the Tremac Inc. team at a young age. He notably accompanied Martial on his tour of the company’s clients. While at university, he took on an administrative role. After graduating in 2016 in Business administration / Accounting, he joined the company. He is currently responsible for the company’s sales representatives.


Representative for the Maritime Provinces:

The RJB Sales team joined the company on June 2016. Elvis Beaulieu and John Keirstead are in charge of the representation of Tremac Inc. products in the Maritime Provinces. With over 20 years experience in sales and customer service, RJB is a major contributor to the success of Tremac Inc.!

The Values at TREMAC INC.